Luxury Serviced Apartments Glen Waverly – A Closer Look

Are you a parent living in one of the ultra-luxury apartments? Do you sometimes feel that you are not spending enough time with your family? This happens with every working parent. By clicking here we get info about  Serviced Apartments Glen Waverly

Do not let the guilt sink in when you are engaging in a conversation with your child. Do not let them complain that they want your company and unfortunately, they don’t get it. We often miss out on small moments of life which makes the ultra-luxury apartments your ‘real home’.

And the reason behind this is not your work all the time. More often than not, it is the gadgets that distract you the most. In the morning your spouse opens the laptop and you, your tab.

The children do not get to enjoy organic conversation or family time. Hence, with time, they are also consumed by video games and other gadgets. That is how the warmth of your household is getting lost every passing day.

How can you make sure then, that your world is not limited to social media sharing? How can you put an end to the frustrating thought that you do not remember when was the last time that you had a heart-to-heart conversation with your family?

It is possible only by following some basic tips. The tips make sure that you are cut-off from technology for a considerable period of time. This way you will have enough quality time to spend with your family.

-Switch off your phones, laptop, tablets for a considerable amount of time. Say from 8pm to bedtime. This time should be your family time when you can talk together, play games or pick up your guitar and sing freely.

-Engage in reading together. It could be silent or interactive reading. You all can sit down with books and read together. Or you can all read a book- while one reads aloud and the others listen. This practice broadens your mind and tickles the creative genius in your child.

-You can fix a day of the week for a board session or any indoor game for that matter. Be it chess or carrom, Ludo or cards- you must play it with your family. Do you feel the competitive bug in you? Let it grow strong and spread it in your child with the right spirit. This way it will be fun, interactive, engaging and learning scope for your child.

-You can meditate or do your exercises together. In the morning take some time out for swimming or jogging or your regular exercise plan. Do it with your family instead of plugging in an earphone in your ears and running.

Not all of these can work out the same way with every family but some of these will definitely work. Ready to face the challenge of escaping the insatiable desire to give in to the ever-buzzing digital noise of the world? Then, these are the tips that are going to help you. Practice this routine in your luxury apartments or anywhere else and live a happy life.